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.Net Framework Initialization error

Posted by codingsense on February 24, 2009

Problem :

When .Net exe opens the following message is thrown.
“.Net Framework Initialization error. Unable to find the version of the runtime to run this application”


1) Check if .Net is installed with laterst service pack available.

2) Copy the exe and the dll that are referenced in the exe, from a system in which your application is working fine, and replace in the system in which this problem is found.

3) Reinstall latest version of .net. While reInstalling turn off antivirus programs.

4) If any other version of .net is installed in the machine, remove the version and try.

for me each of these solutions worked at different places, try all.


2 Responses to “.Net Framework Initialization error”

  1. Bogdan said

    Hi man. I have a problem with my app(test.exe).
    Please help me.. 😦

    My c# app works fine in my computer, but on newly installed Windows don’t. It shows your error. How can I run this app on other computers without any errors showing?

    Tnx in advance!

    • codingsense said


      Have you tried all the solutions given in this post.
      Please check once that you are using the framework available with its latest service pack. At many places where this problem was faced, the solution was to install with latest service pack.
      While installing make sure if any anti virus software is installed, if yes then disable it.
      If still the problem persist then I may require the details of the framework and the OS in which this problem is being faced.

      Naveen Prabhu

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